China / Guangdong / Shenzhen

Mr. Wong
DescriptionThe single floor, two-story space features illuminated shelves stretching to the ceiling behind t
Men's Club
DescriptionFor drinkers with a taste for whiskey, classic cocktails and similar.
Mini House
DescriptionDeep house, techno and nu-disco are spun on the decks, with local and international DJs constantl
Honolu Club
DescriptionHonolu Club in Futian .
O Li Qi Dance Club
DescriptionO Li Qi Dance Club in Futian .
Sector Club
DescriptionUnlike many clubs, Sector boasts ample space for both chatting at a normal volume and dancing.
Papa Club
DescriptionPop into Shenzhen's top gay club for scantily clad go-go boys and sweaty muscles.
Dazzle Club
DescriptionTucked into the third floor of Futian District’s Central Commercial Building, Dazzle is undoubted